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Who Qualifies for A Boiler Grant?

Are you wondering whether you are eligible for a free boiler grant in 2023? You are in the right spot! This article is your go-to resource for understanding your qualification status and guiding you through the application journey.

We recognize that sifting through the intricacies of boiler grant regulations can be overwhelming. So, if you are on the hunt for a straightforward guide to see who qualifies for a boiler grant and if you are eligible for it in 2023, let's delve deep into the specifics.

Who Qualifies For A Boiler Grant?

What Is the Eco Scheme by The Government Of the UK?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) programme is a UK government-led effort aimed at aiding households with lower incomes to enhance their homes' energy efficiency. This scheme is financed by energy companies and strives to diminish carbon emissions and address fuel poverty through monetary support for eco-friendly home upgrades.

A primary objective of the ECO programme is to offer free boiler grants to qualified homes. Installing a new boiler can drastically boost a house's energy efficiency, reduce energy expenses, and decrease carbon footprints.

However, to answer the question, "Who qualifies for a boiler grant for free?" you must meet specific criteria to become eligible. For instance,

  • You should either be a homeowner or a private tenant, and the current boiler in your property should be at least five years old.

  • You need to be a recipient of certain benefits, including Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit, or Universal Credit.

  • Your residence must hold an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D or lower.

  • You can apply for a boiler grant for free under the ECO programme if you satisfy the above requirements. The process is usually straightforward, involving an online form or contacting a certified ECO installer.

It is also crucial to understand that the free boiler grant initiative isn't accessible to all. It targets individuals who genuinely require financial help for home energy efficiency enhancements. But, if you tick all eligibility boxes and possess an old, inefficient, or malfunctioning boiler, you might be in line for a complimentary boiler upgrade.

Besides boiler grants, the ECO programme also supports other green home upgrades like insulation, heating control systems, and sustainable energy installations. The primary goal is to help financially weak families cut down energy expenses, enhance home comfort, and play a role in the UK's ambition to reach net-zero carbon emissions by the next decade.

Who Qualifies for A Boiler Grant for Free In 2023?

Curious about the possibility of obtaining a free boiler grant? As aforementioned, the good news is you might be in luck! Financial aid might be available for you through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme endorsed by the UK government.

You must meet the specific criteria to be eligible for this free boiler grant. The table below gives an idea of the potential eligibility conditions for different household categories under the ECO scheme:

Eligibility Criteria


Private Tenants

Receiving specific benefits such as Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit, or Universal Credit

Boiler in residence is a minimum of 5 years old

Residence has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with a rating of D or lower

Falling into a low-income category or receiving particular means-tested benefits

Residence has a malfunctioning or outdated boiler

Beneficiary of the Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

Can I Get a Boiler Grant on PIP (Personal Independence Payment)?

Unfortunately, being on PIP (Personal Independence Payment) does not make you eligible for a boiler grant.

While LDA and PIP used to be qualifying benefits for a boiler grant, they no longer are. However, if your household's annual income is under £31,000, you may still be eligible for ECO grants, provided your house meets the criteria for enhancements.

Can Pensioners Qualify for A Free Boiler?

Fortunately, pensioners are among those who are eligible to benefit from the UK government's ECO free boiler grant scheme. Aimed at supporting low-income households, this scheme ensures pensioners have the opportunity to upgrade their outdated boilers to more energy-efficient models, helping to cut down on energy costs and ensure warmer homes during colder months.

However, pensioners must meet specific requirements to be eligible for this grant. To determine why a pensioner qualifies for a boiler grant, please read below:

Benefit Recipients: Many pensioners, such as Pension Credit Savings or Pension Credit Guarantee, receive benefits. These benefits are among the qualifying criteria for a boiler grant.

Reduced Household Income: Often, pensioners might have a yearly household income of less than £31,000. While this isn't a universal truth, it is a common scenario.

Potential for Lower Energy Efficiency: Given that many pensioners have been homeowners for extended periods, their properties might not be as energy-efficient as newer ones, making them potential candidates for a boiler grant.

Predominantly Homeowners: A significant proportion of pensioners, about 74% of those aged 65 and above, are homeowners. Being a homeowner is a key criterion to qualify for a boiler grant.

I Am a Single Parent. Can I Get a Free Boiler Grant?

Single parents are among the people that might be eligible for the UK government's boiler grant scheme. This initiative aims to assist low-income households, including those run by single parents, in updating their outdated boilers to more efficient models. This shift can lead to decreased utility bills and a cosier home environment.

However, you must meet specific criteria to learn who qualifies for a boiler grant as a single parent. This includes being either a homeowner or a tenant in private housing and receiving qualifying benefits like Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance, or Working Tax Credit. Additionally, your current boiler should be underperforming and ready for an upgrade.

How Much Do Boiler Grants Cost?

If you are considering a boiler upgrade, you might be curious about the potential costs associated with a boiler grant. While certain households could qualify for a fully subsidized boiler replacement, others might only receive a partial grant, but rest assured, there are no costs tied to the grant application itself.

It is worth highlighting that boiler replacement costs can fluctuate based on several elements, such as boiler type, your home's size, and installation intricacies.

The silver lining is there are options available to ease the financial burden of procuring a new boiler. For instance, the government's ECO4 programme extends free boiler replacements to eligible households and provides fractional subsidies to others. Furthermore, several energy providers have schemes to assist homeowners with boiler replacement expenses.

By collaborating with a certified installer, you can identify the optimal boiler for your home and explore financial solutions to ease the upgrade's cost. Always remember addressing a boiler issue quickly is vital to maintaining the cosiness and warmth of your home.

Can I Get a Grant for A New Boiler?

Indeed, you can secure a grant for a new boiler. Across the UK, government-supported grants exist to help individuals with the expenses of new boilers, promoting access to more efficient and economical options. However, you must satisfy the eligibility requirements to benefit from a boiler grant.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Other Boiler Grants in the UK?

Besides the previously mentioned ECO scheme, the UK offers various other boiler grants for which homeowners and tenants might qualify. Let's delve deeper into each of these grants, focusing on their respective eligibility requirements:


Eligibility Criteria

0% VAT

  • Boiler installation is for a home more than two years old.

  • Open to homeowners or tenants.

  • Occupant(s) should be over 60 years of age

Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

  • Must own the property in question (primary, secondary, or rental).

  • The boiler should be at least 15 years old and functioning sub-optimally

Boiler Replacement Scheme

  • Must be a homeowner or tenant in Northern Ireland.

  • The boiler should be at least 15 years old and not working efficiently.

  • Annual household gross income should be below £40,000.

0% VAT Scheme

The 0% VAT scheme caters to homeowners or tenants possessing a boiler older than two years. This program offsets the new boiler installation expense by applying a 0% VAT rate, enabling significant savings on the entire boiler installation cost.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) targets homeowners or tenants on specific benefits with boilers that are at least 15 years old and perform inadequately. This grant facilitates the transition to a more energy-efficient boiler, potentially leading to decreased energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Boiler Replacement Scheme

Lastly, the Boiler Replacement Scheme is designed exclusively for Northern Ireland residents who own or rent a property. The boiler must be at least 15 years old and performing inefficiently. This grant covers the cost of installing a new boiler, enhancing home energy efficiency and potentially lowering energy bills.

How Can I Apply for A Boiler Grant for Free?

Securing a free boiler grant can be straightforward when you adhere to the necessary procedures. To start, it is essential to verify your eligibility. This can be done by checking the government's official website or contacting your local energy provider. After confirming that you qualify, the next step is to identify a certified installer who can install the boiler.

You will then need to fill out the grant application, which is accessible online or in a paper format. This form will ask for details about your existing boiler, heating system, household earnings, and any benefits you receive. It is crucial to provide accurate and truthful information; disparities or inaccuracies can lead to the rejection of your application.

Once your application is submitted, it undergoes evaluation by the concerned bodies to ascertain if you're a fit for the grant. If you're eligible, you'll receive a notification, and the installation of your new boiler will be scheduled.

Bear in mind that sometimes you might be asked to cover some of the installation costs. This depends on your specific situation and will be clarified during the grant application journey.

Are Boiler Grant Means Tested?

Eligibility for boiler grants can depend on several considerations, such as your location and the specific funding program relevant to your case.

Sometimes, these grants are assessed based on means-testing, meaning they take into account your financial standing and income. For instance, some boiler grants require that the household's annual income not exceed £31,000.

Thus, in certain situations, these grants are means-tested. The amount of funding provided might vary based on factors like your income, the kind of residence you inhabit, and any benefits you might be receiving.

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