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How to Stop Pigeons Under Solar Panels?

Dealing with pigeons under solar panels might seem unusual, but it's not as uncommon as you think! In this guide, we'll walk you through the best methods to prevent pigeons from making a home beneath your solar panels, how to evict them if they've already settled in, and the potential costs of safeguarding your panels against these winged visitors.

To address the issue, it's essential to learn the reason behind pigeons nesting under solar panels. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment.

How to Stop Pigeons Under Solar Panels?

Why Do Pigeons Nest Under Solar Panels?

Pigeons, not being extreme predators, often find themselves in need of safe havens. Finding shelter can be challenging for those birds who aren't trained as homing pigeons.

Your solar panels offer these birds protection from predators, shield them from harsh weather conditions, and due to their energy-absorbing nature, they often emit warmth. This combination makes the space beneath solar panels an ideal pigeon nesting ground.

Why Should You Get Your Solar Panels Pigeon-Proof?

Having pigeons under the solar panels of your home isn't just a hassle; it can have severe implications for both the efficiency of your solar panels and the hygiene of your home.

Here's why:

  1. Nesting materials and bird droppings can significantly interfere with your solar panels' efficiency, eventually hitting your wallet due to reduced energy savings.

  2. The acidic nature of pigeon droppings can corrode the structure of your solar panels, compromising their durability.

  3. An accumulation of these droppings can leave unsightly stains on your roof.

  4. Bird nests and their associated mess can attract other unwanted guests, such as rats. Not a pleasant thought!

  5. Pigeons aren't the cleanest of birds. They are carriers of lice and harmful bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. As their droppings dry and become dust, they can infiltrate your living space through the roof, risking your family's health.

  6. The lice from pigeons might find their way into your home, seeking new hosts – you or your family members.

In essence, pigeons can jeopardize the longevity of your valuable solar panels and also make your living environment less safe and sanitary for your family.

How Can You Stop Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels?

Addressing the issue of pigeons under solar panels might seem unimportant, but it's a genuine concern! Right after solar panel installation, pigeon-proofing measures should be in place. However, if you missed that step, don't stress! Protecting your solar panels from pigeons at any stage of their lifespan is entirely feasible.

Here are our top 7 strategies to combat pigeons nesting under solar panels. Review them and choose the one that aligns best with your home's needs, and don't hesitate to seek expert advice if needed.

Solar Panel Pigeon Mesh

A discreet and effective solution for pigeons nesting under your pricey solar panels. This mesh wraps securely around panels, allowing airflow but blocking bird access.

Its subtlety makes it almost invisible to the naked eye. Be cautious not to screw or glue anything to the panels to avoid warranty issues. Widely recommended for its combination of utility and aesthetics.

Bird Spikes

Sharp spikes deter pigeons from nesting under or near solar panels, making landing or resting uncomfortable. While they're undeniably effective, their conspicuous appearance might need to be more consistent with your home's aesthetic appeal. Their inhumane nature might also be off-putting for some homeowners.

Garden Maintenance

Keeping gardens free from potential food sources and tidying outdoor areas can discourage pigeons from frequenting your vicinity. A tidy garden may indirectly reduce the chances of pigeons residing under solar panels, making it a worthwhile preventative measure.

Bird Netting

Bird netting provides a physical barrier against pigeons as an alternative to pigeon mesh. It's a cost-effective method but might lack the durability of pigeon mesh, especially in harsh weather conditions.

While it can effectively prevent pigeons from accessing your solar panels, its longevity in various climates is a factor to consider.

Pigeon Deterrents

These deterrents are designed to scare or repel pigeons, from sticky pigeon-repellent gels to electronic pest chasers and even plastic owls.

While some, like the gel, make the environment uncomfortable for pigeons, others play on their natural fears, making them think twice before nesting under your solar panels.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Keeping solar panels clean and free from debris not only ensures optimal efficiency but also makes the environment less inviting for pigeons.

Regular maintenance, including professional cleaning, can deter pigeons from setting up their homes beneath the panels, ensuring a pigeon-free and efficient solar system.

Pigeon Control Company

When all else fails, turning to professionals can be the best solution. Qualified pigeon control companies offer humane removal and cleaning services and ensure the removed birds don't return. Opt for government-certified companies for trusted, effective pigeon eviction.

How Much Does It Cost To Evict Pigeons Under Solar Panels?

The expense of safeguarding your solar panels from pigeons under solar panels hinges on several variables. Factors include the number and dimensions of your boards; larger panels may require a more extensive cleanup and, subsequently, a higher cost.

Accessibility plays a role, too; if professionals can reach your roof using only a ladder, it's more budget-friendly than requiring scaffolding. Additionally, if the damage requires re-wiring panels or re-tiling the top, expect the final bill to exceed initial estimates.

Many firms might offer effective pigeon-proofing solutions starting around £300. However, you can expect costs starting from £700 for more sophisticated approaches, excluding scaffolding or repair charges. Investing in this protection not only keeps pigeons under solar panels at bay but also saves potential long-term expenses.


Solar panels are a valuable addition to your home, significantly reducing energy expenses while promoting green energy. Letting any disturbance undermine this asset would undeniably be regrettable and financially imprudent. Hence, investing in pigeon-proofing your solar panels is undeniably a wise expenditure.

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