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COP26: World leaders meet for climate summit

Representatives from over 200 countries are currently meeting to discuss climate change and how to reduce emissions by 2030. As the world warms from fossil fuel emissions caused by humans, immediate action is needed. The key is a collective agreement on how to meet this goal. In Paris 2015, more than 200 countries agreed to make changes to keep global warming below 20C above pre-industrial levels. Nevertheless, since then numerous extreme weather phenomenons have intensified nations urge for a limit of 1.5C. to limit the risks of environmental disasters.

Protest sign of earth one world

Can the climate change summit change the tide ?

On the surface the COP26 summit does not look promising due to the past 25 conferences that failed to prevent and decrease greenhouse gases that are now propelling global warming. Despite all the talking the planet is now at least 1.1C hotter than per-industrial levels and rising. After continued delays to tackling the problem the risk is now at our front door. This year alone floods killed 200 people in Germany, heatwaves struck Chile and Canada and the Siberian artic was blazing. As the scientific consensus becomes clear, to evade the most detrimental temperatures means halving global carbon emissions by 2030.

California wild fire, forest on fire

Third world countries climate challenge

Earlier this year at the G20 summit in Rome, leaders pledged to provide 73 billion pounds in climate change finance to developing countries by 2023 to reach their climate goals. While all eyes are on countries like America and china as they are the largest polluters and if they lead other nations will follow. The decisions made here could impact jobs, how we heat our homes, what you eat and how you travel.

An eye on the future

Host of the COP26 summit the UK have set targets for all nations electricity to transition to clean sources by 2035. Together with achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Experts believe this is not achievable with the Governments current policies, only time will tell if the government can make the necessary adjustments to achieve their goals.

What can be done to help climate change?

A large proportion of carbon dioxide emissions are caused from heating our homes. As the UK has some of the oldest and least energy efficient homes in Europe, then we can all help ourselves and the environment by making sure that our homes are well insulated. Loft insulation and wall insulation are some of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient, and are a good investment as they are capable of paying for themselves due to the saving on your energy bills. There are often Government incentives available to help insulate homes, such as ECO funding.


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