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COP26: UK firms forced to show how they will hit net zero

The Treasury have proposed new rules under which many of the large firms and financial institutes will be mandated to explain how they will archive the UKs climate goals of becoming net-zero by 2050. The UK has given them until 2023 to set out detailed public plans to transition to a low-carbon future. While an expert panel will be used as oversight to ensure this is not used as advertising and will accomplish the climate goals. The numerous green groups are unsatisfied as any commitments and deadlines to achieve these goals will not be imposed or enforced by the government. When a business or a country reaches net-zero they achieve a compete balance from the volume of carbon they produce to the amount they extract from the atmosphere. Firms and shareholders will be left to their own indiscretions to determine how their businesses will adjust to the metamorphosis of decarbonisation.

The Government will dictate to all firms that their plans are to be published in the interest of the public for transparency and accountability. Although the UK failed to make the firms level net-zero commitments mandatory, it appears that the market will have final say over whether the plans for net-zero are credible. Chancellor Rishi Sunak asserts plans for the UK to become the first ever net-zero aligned global financial centre. The benefits of this are better and more consistent climate data, sovereign green bonds, mandatory sustainability disclosures, proper climate risk surveillance and global reporting standards. Around 450 firms managing 40% of global financial assets, which is equivalent to 95 trillion pounds, have agreed to limit global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.

Business man with scales and book

Plans for Net Zero

Nevertheless the group global witness stated the pledges were undermined and doomed to fail from the start without regulatory backing, Due to support from the banks and the financier witch are the lifeblood. At least the COP26 focus is in the right direction targeting ruinous agribusinesses inflaming the climate crisis. Veronica Oakeshott head of forests policy and advocacy at Global Witness said the banks announcement today all but guarantee greenwashing if it’s not legally binding. In accordance David Barnes said through well intentioned, due to the fact that financial firms are pouring billions into environmentally harmful projects its naive to believe it will work. Details of how it will operate still remain unclear.

Cutting Fossil Fuel emissions

Not a single financial assets declared they will go along with the net-zero plan, and no group of countries can claim to be on track or let alone have a plan to put them on track to meet the goal of the Paris climate target set in 2015. Until investments in fossil fuel dries up London can’t become the worlds first net-zero financial centre, as without public sector investment they cannot achieve their goal. However a coalition of finance groups led by former Bank of England governor Mark Carney believes there is already more than enough finance to cap global warming at 1.5C. As 95 trillion pound in private capital dedicated to reshaping the economy to net-zero. The enactment of this means banks loan which would go to an oil field, or a coal mine, are diverted to renewable energy and subsidises energy efficient homes. This change in directions applies to even the bank bosses who are expected to notify businesses who wants to construct coal power stations, while withdrawing funding related to fossil fuel projects in every country over the following decades.

Polution behind the setting sun

Reaching Net Zero emissions

Under the presented treasury rules all companies listed on the London stock exchange are propelled to come up with conversion plans to reach net-zero which will be made public by 2023. The companies will be able to use their own discretion as long as they achieve the target of lowering greenhouse gas emissions. The risk of greenwashing is ever present so a gold standard will be set by industry leaders, academics, regulators and civil society groups with a scientific foundation to ensure real change and not just adverting. However no common ground can be found as with all these groups debating what the gold standard should consist of until this matter is decided companies cannot begin to plan. Yet the UK alone cannot achieve this goal, with this in mind 720 million pound a year will be sent to developing nation to help support their transition to net-zero that will start in 2023.


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