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Understanding best practice in deploying external solid-wall insulation and internal wall insulation



UK Government report explores best-practice in deploying external solid wall and internal wall insulation in the UK.

Establishing ‘state of the art’ practice in the deployment of solid wall insulation on UK Buildings

External solid wall insulation

Executive Summary

The roll out of External Wall Insulation to solid walls can bring about significant emissions reductions from the building sector and make a significant impact on household energy consumption.

However, the report has found that there are significant differences in the quality of installations based on the location and installer. When installing External Solid wall Insulation it is important to insulate the whole of the external walls, including the plinth around the base of the property and around window and door reveals. The research showed that a large number of contractors installing external solid wall insulation failed to insulate the plinth or window reveals. Although this can make it cheaper for the customer (if the savings are passed on by the installer), the failure to insulate the whole property creates areas known as 'cold spots' which allows warm air to escape from the property. As well as losing heat from the property, these 'cold spots' can result in a build up of condensation on the internal walls which may then lead to then growth of black mould.

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