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Government could cut stamp duty on green homes

The Government could cut stamp duty on sales of homes that have been improved to be more energy efficient.

The Minister of state for climate change and industry Claire Perry says doing so would encourage people to make their homes more environmentally friendly.

Perry told the BBC Today programme that the Government was considering the move.

She added: “We also need to look at building regulations and new building regulations to see what more needs to be done there.”

External Solid Wall Insulation being installed on a block of flats in South Wales

“I think it is more likely that a home where insulation has been put in would attract a higher value because the running cost of that home over the lifetime of ownership would be lower so again there is no one magic bullet.”

Perry also says that homeowners need to make their homes greener so the Government meets European Union carbon emissions targets.

Some of the best ways to make properties more energy efficient are to install insulation measures such as loft insulation and external solid wall insulation. Other energy saving measures include renewable energy such as Solar PV and energy efficient replacement doors and windows.

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