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Wales announced that 70 percent of its electricity will come from renewables by 2030

Wales has announced its new energy generation targets pledging that within thirteen years, 70 percent of its electricity needs will be satisfied from renewable energy sources.

As reported by media, the announcement came from Lesley Griffiths, Cabinet Secretary for Environment.

Wales announces that 70% of its electricity will come from renewable energy by 2030

She said: “Wales must be able to compete in global low carbon markets, particularly now that we face a future outside the EU”.

She also sparked momentum on community owned renewable energy projects, saying that 1GW of renewable electricity capacity will be locally owned by 2030.

With regards to community energy projects, she also set a second target that by 2020 new renewable energy projects should have at least one element of local ownership.

“I believe these are realistic targets which will help us to decarbonise our energy system, reduce long-term costs and deliver greater benefits to Wales”.

"The ability to meet our needs from clean energy is the foundation for a prosperous low carbon economy”.

Some weeks ago, the 3.4GW Tidal Lagoon Power project secured grid connection, and if the project is completed, it will change the renewable energy landscape of the country once and for all.

Mrs Griffiths declared that the Welsh Government will continue to support the deployment of renewables, citing its decision to invest around €100m in marine energy, sourced by EU Structural Funds.

The Labour AM also commented on the fact that the UK has ‘ideologically excluded’ on shore wind projects and solar farms from the Contracts for Difference process, arguing that this needs to stop and there should be investments in cheaper forms of renewable energies too.

She said: "The rapid changes of UK government policy have decimated large parts of the renewable sector in Wales and developments potentially valuable to Wales have been stopped in their tracks by UK Ministers”.

"The bulk of UK government renewables investment is now going to offshore wind projects outside Wales. This investment is paid for by Welsh bill payers, amongst others”.

The commitments haven’t come in written clarification form, but it is hoped from industry players that they will be included in the imminent Clean Growth Strategy.

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