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External Solid Wall Insulation: A Planning Guide for Householders

A Planning Guide for Householders

The majority of installations of External Solid Wall Insulation do not require Planning Permission as they benefit from ‘permitted development' rights. Permitted development is approved on the basis that the insulation does not project more than 160mm (16cm) beyond the exterior of the part of the house it is affixed.

However, you may be required to obtain Planning Permission before installing External solid wall insulation if:

• Your home is in a Conservation Area, National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or a World Heritage Site

• Your home is a Listed Building or is identified for its historic or architectural interest;

• Your home In an area where the Council have removed some of your permitted

development rights by issuing an Article 4 direction. These are made when the character of an area, of acknowledged importance, would be threatened. You will probably know if your property is affected by such a direction, but you can check with your council if you are not sure.

• Subject to a condition attached to the original planning permission for the house, removing permitted development rights. In these cases restrictions apply and you should seek further advice from your local planning authority.

For more information please see this document:

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