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Government Energy Saving schemes

Providing knowledge and guidance for Energy Saving Measures including Wall Insulation, Solar, Boilers, Heat Pumps and Wind Turbines.

uk energy saving grants

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Government Energy Saving schemes currently available

Please take your time to read about the various energy saving measures that are currently available for domestic properties. We advise that the first energy saving measure that you should install is loft insulation (as this has the quickest payback period), followed by wall insulation (as the majority of heat is lost through walls). Once your property is well insulated it may be worth investing in renewable technology such as Solar PV or Heat Pumps to reduce your fuel bills.

The following energy saving grants and incentives are currently available, to help the UK's commitment to net zero by 2050.


The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme provides funding for private homeowners, landlords and tenants to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. The current scheme is designed to help consumers that do not have mains gas central heating in their property. 

Therefore, if your home is heated by Oil Central heating, LPG Heating, Solid fuel heating or just Electric heating then we may be able to assist you in obtaining a grant.   

You do not necessarily need to be in receipt of any benefits to qualify for the ECO scheme, as we may be able to help you obtain a grant via the Local Authority Flexible Eligibility scheme (LA Flex). The main qualifying criteria for the LA Flex scheme is that there cannot be a mains gas central heating system in the property and the gross household income needs to be below £31,000 per year.

There is also a grant called the Local Authority Delivery (L.A.D) scheme which provides funding to off-gas grid homes to improve the energy efficiency of properties and thereby help reduce fuel poverty. The funding is aimed at properties with low Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings of D, E, F and G. 

The amount of L.A.D funding varies by Council. If you are eligible for funding via the ECO scheme then we may be able to assist you in obtaining top-up funding via the L.A.D scheme - this is dependent on the Local Authority area in which you live.

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the current funding schemes it is difficult to ascertain whether you will qualify for a grant until we have asked you a series of questions. 


For advice on the current funding streams please contact us on 0330 223 0333  or request a FREE CALL BACK in the box below.

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