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Find out which Swansea energy saving grants are available. Fill in your details and we will call you back to advise you.


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External Wall Insulation (which is also known as Solid Wall Insulation or Insulation cladding) is the best way to insulate your property, whilst also helping to prevent damp and condensation problems at the same time.

External Wall Insulation (EWI) has been utilised in many European countries for over 60 years, including Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland and Switzerland. However, it has only become widely used in The UK since 2010, when the UK building regulations were updated to ensure that the external walls of a property are insulated every time more than 25% of a wall is rendered (Part L1B Conservation of fuel and power in existing dwellings, Building regulations 2010). 

One of the most popular areas in the UK for External Wall Insulation is Swansea due to the city being exposed to westerly winds and driving rain, blown in from the Bristol channel. The Met Office state that Swansea is unfortunately the wettest city in the UK!

A high percentage of buildings in Swansea and the surrounding areas in Glamorgan suffer from damp and condensation problems, associated with failed cavity wall insulation (CWI) due to it being installed in houses that simply weren’t suitable for CWI due to the walls being exposed to a high proportion of rain.  

The benefit of External Wall Insulation is that the walls are rendered once the insulation has been installed, thereby waterproofing the house. The installation of External Wall Insulation is effectively creating a new wall on the outside of your property, helping to protect the original walls.


Some large scale local authority and social housing installations of EWI in Swansea include Gendros, West Cross, Sandfields, Penlan and Clydach.


There are also large redevelopment schemes, which involve the installation of External Wall Insulation, being carried out in Neath, Port Talbot and Aberavon to the east and Llanelli and Carmarthen to the West.


A high percentage of privately owned properties have also decided to invest in External Wall Insulation in Mumbles, Killay, Sketty, Uplands, Morriston and Mansleton; as well as in neighbouring towns including Pontardawe and Kenfig Hill.


We can help secure you the limited funding which is currently available for properties in Swansea and surrounding areas, that would benefit from the huge energy savings experienced as a result of installing External Wall Insulation.


We have recently helped individuals obtain grant funding, to help towards the cost of External Wall Insulation, in areas in and around Swansea including Waunarlwydd, Gorseinon, Skewen, Briton Ferry, Ammanford, as well as more rural areas including Gower and Pembrokeshire.


Contact us whilst funding is currently available and discover which grants are available in Swansea and surrounding areas. You can speak to one of our grant funding advisors now by calling 0330 223 0333 or alternatively request a Free Call Back

External Wall Insulation (EWI) Grants in Swansea

We can secure you some of the very limited EWI funding Swansea has available, allowing you to benefit from the energy savings that External Wall Insulation, or EWI, creates. Contact us today, as funding is limited. Let us advise you which grants are available in the Swansea area whilst EWI grants in Swansea are available. Funding is limited and Swansea EWI Grants  may not be available for long.

Before EWI in Swansea

Before EWI in Swansea

After EWI in Swansea

After EWI in Swansea

Before Swansea EWI

Before Swansea EWI

After Swansea EWI

After Swansea EWI

Before EWI Swansea

Before EWI Swansea

After EWI Swansea

After EWI Swansea

As well as providing excellent advice, they also managed to help me get some grant funding towards the cost of the loft and external wall insulation, as well as arranging for me to receive payments in the form of a FIT and a RHI for the solar panels and heat pump. I would recommend them to anybody looking for help with making your home more energy efficient  Rhys Moores

I am deeply indebted to you for my new windows and doors. They are a huge improvement on my old, single glazed windows and I have noticed the difference already - my home is so much warmer. Plus I haven't got any frost on the inside of my windows any more!

Mr Walker, Easton, Bristol

Thank you very much indeed for providing me with the grant funding for the External Wall Insulaion for my house. My house is so much warmer and is the envy of my neighbours. I have passed your details to my neighbours and I think the whole street will be wanting it done.

Mr. Price, Swansea

My house is now warm and comfortable for the first time since moving here 18 months ago. I recommend them to anybody looking to save money on their energy bills and make their house more energy efficient.
Audra Reid, Newport

Energy Saving Grants arranged for me to get help towards the cost of having my house insulated. My house is now so much warmer and looks a lot better too! I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Holly Hackett, Cwmbran


Find out which Swansea energy saving grants are available. Fill in your details and we will call you back to advise you.

Energy Saving Grants is an official partner of One Tree Planted (https://onetreeplanted.org). Energy Saving Grants fund the planting of hundreds of fruit trees in Ethiopia, which helps local communities; as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  

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