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Energy Grants in Hertfordshire

Energy Grants in Hertfordshire

Are you living in Hertfordshire and feeling the pinch with your energy bills? You're not alone. Across the UK, over 6 million homes are grappling with the high cost of keeping warm. If you're making the tough choice to keep the heating off to save money, you might be dealing with fuel poverty. But there's good news! Energy efficiency grants are here to help. These grants are designed to slash your energy costs and keep your home snug and toasty.

Let's dive into how you can tackle fuel poverty head-on and make the most of the ECO4 energy-saving grants, offering free home improvements to keep your living space comfortable and your expenses down.

What Is The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) Grant Scheme?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme is a UK-wide, government-supported program tailored to boost home energy efficiency, and it's active right here in Hertfordshire. Let's unpack what this scheme is all about:

Purpose: At its core, ECO4 is about two things – reducing the burden of high energy bills through energy-efficient home upgrades and cutting down carbon emissions.

How It Works: The scheme puts the onus on energy companies nationwide to amp up home energy efficiency. These companies have the freedom to choose their collaborators and specific projects. It's worth noting that the financial support provided by ECO4 goes to the installers doing the upgrades, not directly to homeowners.

Timeframe: Kicked off on 1st April 2022, ECO4 is set to wrap up on 31st March 2026.

Focus Households: ECO4 zeroes in on homes where energy efficiency isn't up to the mark, leading to steep heating costs. It particularly looks out for properties rated D to G on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Upgrade Objectives: The plan is to elevate Hertfordshire homes from EPC ratings D and E up to at least a C, and for those in the F and G bracket, to lift them to at least a D.

Improvement Options: Under ECO4, a range of enhancements is up for grabs. This includes beefing up insulation, revamping central heating systems, and fitting solar panels.

In essence, ECO4 is geared towards nudging energy providers to step up home energy efficiency, with a keen eye on supporting low-income and vulnerable households in Hertfordshire, particularly those currently lagging in energy efficiency.

What Energy Improvements Are Available As Part of the Scheme?

Residents in Hertfordshire have access to a range of energy improvements, including:

Electric Storage Heaters: High heat retention storage heaters utilise cheap off-peak electricity to charge overnight and the heaters then release the heat slowly throughout the day. Storage heaters can be a much more energy efficient and cost effective way of heating a property as opposed to electric convector heaters.

External Wall Insulation – EWI involves installing insulation boards on the outside walls of the property and rendering over the top. EWI is a great way of insulating a solid wall property. However, it is not suitable if the property is a listed building or in a conservation area.

Loft Insulation: Adds or upgrades insulation in the attic to retain heat within the habitable rooms in the property.

Internal Wall Insulation: This work involves installing insulation and plasterboard on the inside walls of the property. This is a very effective way of insulating older properties that are constructed with solid brick or solid stone walls.

Cavity Wall Insulation: Polystyrene beads are inserted within the cavity between the external and internal walls to reduce heat loss via the walls. Not all properties are suitable for cavity wall insulation and so a survey would need to be carried out to determine if your property was suitable.

Gas Central Heating: If there are currently no radiators in your property and the property has an existing gas meter, then funding may be available to install a boiler and radiators to supply hot water and heat.

Air Source Heat Pump: An ASHP harnesses heat from the external environment to provide hot water and central heating for your home. This can be a very effective way of heating a home, especially if used in conjunction with solar panels, which would provide free electricity to run the heat pump.

Solar PV: Renewable technology that converts sunlight into electricity, to provide free electric for your home every day of the year.

Room In Roof Insulation: Used to insulate a loft that has been converted into a habitable room.

Are You Impacted By Fuel Poverty?

If the escalating costs of heating your home are causing you concern, you might be encountering what many across the UK know as fuel poverty. This predicament emerges when the expenses tied to maintaining a comfortably warm home overshoot your budget, forcing difficult decisions, like choosing between warming your home or purchasing daily necessities. But take heart – you're not facing this alone, and there's support out there.

In Hertfordshire, a notable contributor to fuel poverty is the absence of mains gas connections in numerous homes. Consequently, these households often depend on pricier heating alternatives such as electricity, oil, LPG, or coal. Adding to this, many homes in the region are constructed with materials like stone, known to be less retentive of heat, leading to cold drafts and making the task of keeping homes warm all the more challenging.

How Could ECO4 Energy Grants Work For Me?

Homeowners, landlords, and tenants in Hertfordshire have a host of compelling reasons to tap into funding for home energy improvements:

Cost Savings: Making your home more energy-efficient can significantly cut down your heating bills, offering a financial breather when you need it most.

Comfort Boost: Upgrading your home with energy-efficient measures like better insulation can banish those pesky cold drafts and make your living space cosier.

Eco-Friendly Living: Not only do these improvements lighten your wallet's load, but they also shrink your carbon footprint, contributing positively to the wider environmental cause.

Property Value Uptick: Homes boasting high energy efficiency tend to attract more buyers, potentially driving up your property's market worth.

Support Network: The ECO4 scheme extends a helping hand specifically to those struggling with energy bills, including vulnerable and low-income groups. Don't qualify for ECO4? There might still be other funding avenues open to you.

Healthier Homes: Say goodbye to the health woes worsened by chilly, damp conditions. Energy efficiency upgrades can foster a healthier living environment, easing conditions like respiratory issues and arthritis.

Tailored Solutions: With a broad spectrum of improvements on offer, the ECO4 scheme caters to the unique needs of your property.

Easy Access to Funds: Many of these energy-efficiency enhancements come with little to no upfront costs, easing the financial strain.

Trusted Quality: Backed by the government, the ECO scheme guarantees that all installations meet stringent standards and best practices.

Local Authority Flexibility (LA Flex): Local councils have the leeway to broaden eligibility, reaching more residents in need. Our specialists are on hand to guide you through this process and explore qualification avenues, even if you're not a current benefits recipient.

Am I Eligible For ECO4 Energy Efficiency Grants in Hertfordshire

In Hertfordshire, the ECO4 scheme opens up funding opportunities for a diverse array of private residences, encompassing houses, flats, and bungalows. However, it's crucial to note the specific eligibility requirements tied to property ownership. To qualify for the ECO4 funding, the property must be privately owned; the scheme is not designed to cover council houses or social housing units. This stipulation is a central factor in establishing your eligibility for accessing the ECO4 scheme's benefits.

You're likely to be eligible for the scheme if you receive any of the following:

  • Working Tax Credit

  • Pension Guarantee Credit

  • Housing Benefit (now part of ECO4)

  • Income Support

  • Income-Related Employment & Support Allowance

  • Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance

  • Child Tax Credits

  • Child Benefits (depending on how much you earn)

  • Universal Credit

  • Pension Credit Savings Credit (new in ECO4)

What If I Don't Receive Benefits, Can I Still Apply?

If you're living in Hertfordshire and not on benefits, you might still have a shot at some help with your home's energy through something called LA Flex. It's part of the Energy Company Obligation scheme and it's really handy for homeowners, landlords, and tenants, especially if your home doesn't have a mains gas connection, if your family earns less than £31,000 a year, or if someone in your home has a health issue that sticks around.

Now, the council doesn't directly fill the LA Flex pot with money, but they do have a say in who gets help, making it easier for homeowners in the area to get the support they need. Plus, there are a couple more government programs to keep an eye on: the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) and the Local Authority Delivery (LAD) program. They're all about making homes more energy-efficient, especially those with lower Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings.

How We Can Help You To Apply For Energy Saving Grants in Hertfordshire

Check out if you can get in on the Energy Company Obligation scheme in Hertfordshire with our easy Eligibility Grant Checker. Our team of energy advisors will take a close look at your situation and tell you all about the improvements you can make. And if you're already getting benefits, you might skip a few steps, speeding things up!

Here's how it goes in three simple steps:

  1. Apply Online: Just fill in our form to start off. Our grants team will check it out and see if you can get any government funds.

  2. Survey Time: If you're good to go, we'll set up a free survey at your place, making sure you get all the grants you can and finding the best ways to save energy in your home.

  3. Installation: Our local pros in Hertfordshire will handle the install. They'll work with your schedule and make sure everything's top-notch.

We've already helped loads of folks in places like Watford, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, and Stevenage get their homes snug with insulation, eco-friendly heating, and solar panels. Just a heads up, we can't help with council or social housing, but your landlord might have options for you.

If you're in Hertfordshire and keen on cutting down those energy bills, give us a shout. We're all about helping you make the most of the Energy Company Obligation scheme and getting your home energy-smart.

Apply For an Energy Efficiency Grant in Hertfordshire Today

If you're in Hertfordshire and often worried about your soaring energy bills or dealing with the tough issue of fuel poverty, our friendly team of energy advisors is here to support you. We're all set to give you the full lowdown on energy efficiency grants that are up for grabs, walk you through who's eligible, and help you every step of the way with your application. Don't think twice about reaching out for a helping hand in making your home a comfier place and trimming down those energy costs.

Check Your Eligibility Using Our Grant Checker

Please ensure that all information provided below is 100% accurate. Any errors in your personal information could delay or prevent you qualifying for a government funded grant.

Please note that you do not necessarily need to be in receipt of tax credits or benefits as we still may be able to obtain funding for you via your Council or through other funding schemes.

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