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Energy Efficiency Grants in Glasgow City

Energy Efficiency Grants in Glasgow City

If you live in Glasgow and soaring energy bills are causing you concern, the Government ECO funding scheme might just be the solution you're looking for. This program is designed to ease the financial burden of heating your home by enhancing its energy efficiency.

A Closer Look at ECO Energy Saving Grants

The ECO4 funding scheme is revolutionising the energy efficiency of homes across the UK. Backed by substantial funding from leading energy companies, the initiative helps homeowners, landlords and tenants to get free energy improvements. The scheme ensures that all funding for these enhancements is directed to the appropriate households through a network of Trustmark accredited and certified partners. 

Launched on the 1st of April, 2022, ECO4 will run until the 31st of March, 2026, or until funding is used up, prioritising homes most in need of an energy-efficient upgrade, particularly those rated between D and G. For residents of Glasgow City, the ECO scheme brings the option of better insulation for lofts and walls, advanced heating solutions including Air Source Heat Pumps; and also solar panels to generate free electricity for your home. Grab this opportunity to not just increase the comfort of your home but also to make a big difference to your energy bills.

Energy-Saving Improvements Available in Glasgow City

Glasgow City residents can get access to the following home improvements: 

Electric Storage Heaters: High heat retention storage heaters utilise cheap off-peak electricity to charge overnight and the heaters then release the heat slowly throughout the day. Storage heaters can be a much more energy efficient and cost effective way of heating a property as opposed to electric convector heaters.

External Wall Insulation – EWI involves installing insulation boards on the outside walls of the property and rendering over the top. EWI is a great way of insulating a solid wall property. However, it is not suitable if the property is a listed building or in a conservation area.

Loft Insulation: Adds or upgrades insulation in the attic to retain heat within the habitable rooms in the property.

Internal Wall Insulation: This work involves installing insulation and plasterboard on the inside walls of the property. This is a very effective way of insulating older properties that are constructed with solid brick or solid stone walls.

Cavity Wall Insulation: Polystyrene beads are inserted within the cavity between the external and internal walls to reduce heat loss via the walls. Not all properties are suitable for cavity wall insulation and so a survey would need to be carried out to determine if your property was suitable.

Gas Central Heating: If there are currently no radiators in your property and the property has an existing gas meter, then funding may be available to install a boiler and radiators to supply hot water and heat.

Air Source Heat Pump: An ASHP harnesses heat from the external environment to provide hot water and central heating for your home. This can be a very effective way of heating a home, especially if used in conjunction with solar panels, which would provide free electricity to run the heat pump.

Solar PV: Renewable technology that converts sunlight into electricity, to provide free electric for your home every day of the year.

Room In Roof Insulation: Used to insulate a loft that has been converted into a habitable room.

Unlocking Energy Savings with ECO Energy Saving Grants

ECO4 funding is a targeted initiative aimed at supporting homeowners to heat their homes more affordably. If the thought of cranking up your thermostat makes you worry about your budget, you might be facing what's known as fuel poverty. 

ECO funding is designed to reduce your energy bills and get you out of the fuel poverty trap. Here's what the program offers: 

● Financial savings 

● Enhanced comfort 

● Reduced carbon emissions and footprint 

● Increased property value 

● Support for vulnerable individuals 

● Health benefits 

● A wide selection of improvement options 

● No or low upfront costs 

● Government backing

Could You Benefit from Glasgow City's ECO4 Energy Efficiency Grants?

You could be eligible for funding if you receive the following benefits or tax credits: 

● Universal Credit 

● Housing Benefit 

● Child Tax Credits 

● Working Tax Credit 

● Pension Credit 

● Income Support 

● Income-Related Employment & Support Allowance 

● Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance ● Child Benefits (eligibility varies based on income) 

Homeowners in Glasgow City looking to enhance their home's energy efficiency can explore the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) and the Local Authority Delivery (LAD) program. Both initiatives are designed to improve energy performance and reduce the carbon footprint of houses with low Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings, offering financial support for crucial upgrades like insulation. This is helping to create warmer, more sustainable homes for residents.

Can Energy Improvements Really Make a Difference to Comfort and Costs?

Adding energy-efficient features to your home, such as installing storage heaters, updating to a new boiler, or enhancing insulation, can greatly improve your comfort and decrease energy costs. Insulation, in particular, is highly effective in reducing heat loss through your roof, with a variety of options like cavity wall and loft insulation available to suit different types of homes.

Another option to consider is the installation of solar panels. Harnessing solar energy to power your home is efficient and works well even on overcast days. Moving towards solar power reduces your reliance on conventional energy sources and can provide economic advantages. If you generate surplus energy, you have the option to sell this excess back to the electricity grid, which could create an additional source of income.

Act Today to Secure Energy Efficiency Grants Before They Run Out

The UK government is firmly committed to fighting climate change and supporting homeowners in upgrading the energy efficiency of their homes. However, it's essential to understand that this financial assistance is limited in duration. Therefore, it's advisable to apply for funding as soon as possible to fully utilize this opportunity.

A wide range of grants are available, with ECO4 being especially prominent for its extensive array of options designed to enhance home comfort and lower monthly energy costs. If you are experiencing an ongoing increase in your energy bills without any sign of reduction, it would be prudent to investigate your eligibility for complimentary energy efficiency upgrades.

How We Can Help You to Apply For Energy Efficient Grants in Glasgow City

We offer a straightforward three-step process: 

Online Application: Kickstart the process by filling in our Grants Checker below. Our grants team will check your details to confirm your eligibility for government energy-saving grants. 

Free Home Survey: Upon successful application approval, we'll schedule a free, no-commitment survey of your home. This ensures you get the maximum grant funding while discovering the most effective energy-saving solutions tailored for your home. 

Professional Installation: We only work with Trustmark-certified installers, ensuring installations of the highest quality. With the government grant scheme, you also receive an insurance-backed guarantee for up to 25 years, depending on the energy saving measure that is installed.

Begin Your Journey to Lower Energy Costs Now

To start the journey towards an efficient home and reduced energy costs, simply submit your details through our Grant Checker. Our dedicated grant experts will then get in touch to discuss the funding options that you might be eligible for.

Check Your Eligibility Using Our Grant Checker

Please ensure that all information provided below is 100% accurate. Any errors in your personal information could delay or prevent you qualifying for a government funded grant.

Please note that you do not necessarily need to be in receipt of tax credits or benefits as we still may be able to obtain funding for you via your Council or through other funding schemes.

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